Thank You To Our Friends

Over the years, we have reached out and been helped by too many people to mention. Retailers, other manufacturers, suppliers, you name it. Below we are going to be compiling a list of all the people who helped make N.O. Brew New Orleans Style Iced Coffee possible. And we will have a little story for each. Please support those who help to support us.

Browns Dairy – This is where it all started. Michael and Fred walked into Browns with a dream (and a really good bottle of iced coffee) and Browns agreed to distribute our products into the stores they supplied with milk and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dorignac’s – After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was gone, our homes were gone, our distributor(Browns Dairy) was gone and our business was gone. In late-September, Dorignac’s called Fred on his cell phone and asked if N.O. Brew was still around, because they needed N.O. Brew in the store. For the next four months, Dorignac’s bought every bit of coffee we could produce. They sold it and they helped us to get our feet back under us. We are eternally indebted to them for that.

Whole Foods Market – In 2006, we received a call from Kim Dempsey at the Metairie, LA asking if our coffee was available for Whole Foods Market to purchase. That was the beginning of our relationship with one of the best retailers in the country. Today, N.O. Brew is available in roughly 85 Whole Foods Markets from Austin to Atlanta and the Mouth of the Mississippi to Minneapolis, MN. We can’t thank them enough for bringing us in.

Winn Dixie – Winn Dixie has been a N.O. Brew Supporter since Day 1. With the help of Browns Dairy, Winn Dixie gave us shelf space, advice and just about anything we could ask for since the beginning.

Our School at Blaire Grocery – Our School at Blaire Grocery has been taking our used coffee grounds for longer than we can remember, keeping us from filling a landfill. Used to help grow crops at an urban farming training center, our grounds not only go to a great cause, they help make some amazing sprouts. But don’t justĀ  take our word for it, you can get produce from OSaBG all across the region. Visit their site to find out weher.